Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Moon

HANWI'S MESSAGE of Guidance and Reflection

 I am the subtle yet powerful force of cycles on the Earth and on your body.
I am so powerful, but gentle, for I shift the tides and I shift your moods
and receptivity.

I am the light that shines in the darkness, for never, dear children of the
earth, are you without the guidance of all That Is Life. As you sleep, I
shine upon you, and draw you into the misty reflections of all that I have

        I quicken change and motion. I relieve your headaches with the
coolness of my light. I work with my sisters of the seas to bring into you
the rhythmic respiration of life. When I am hidden from you, I offer you the
opportunity to find yourself in the reflection of your spirit. For it is the
message of reflection I bring to you. You live in a world of cycles that
offer opportunities for reflection, understanding, and growth. Acknowledge
these natural cycles for they are gifts to you. Being of the human tribe it
is natural that you cannot sustain one mood, one way of perceiving, and one
action only, during your day and throughout your lives. So I say to you,
accept the rhythmic balancing changes within you and those around you with
grace. Reflect on your freedom of expression for it relieves any stress you
may have. The natural cycles are part of life and accepting this gives to
you security in the future. Accept Spirit as the soft illumination as well
as the bold fire and light of the sun. Be graceful in your beauty and open
yourself up to the Light of Spirit, in all Creation.



I open myself up to the light of spirit and acknowledge the beauty of the
light and darkness in all Creation.